Our Strategy

We are a leader in clean electricity, committed to a sustainable future, offering reliable and affordable energy solutions. Since 1911, TransAlta has taken pride in being a responsible operator where we live and work – powering economies and communities in everything we do.

Our strategy is focused, our performance is consistent, and our people are exceptional.

Key Pillars

Our strategy is built upon four key pillars.

  • Customer needs: We meet our customers’ needs for safe, low-cost and reliable clean electricity.
  • Shareholder value: We increase shareholder value through our portfolio of high-quality electricity facilities that deliver stable and predictable cash flows.
  • Operational excellence: We seek excellence and continuous improvement in the management and operation of our business.
  • Our people: We acquire, develop, nurture, and maintain a talented workforce that operates with a focus on excellence.

Bottom-up Innovation

Our culture is founded on bottom-up innovation.

We support our employees to lead by contributing to an environment of continuous learning, results, and growth.

We operate on a foundation of leadership, collaboration, community support, and personal growth.

We encourage our employees to maximize their potential through corporate initiatives and support throughout all levels of the organization.

How we stand out from the crowd

We are at the forefront of reducing GHG emissions, using innovation with lower-carbon and zero-carbon solutions, and are showing a path to resiliency in a low-carbon world.

We are one of the largest renewable producers in North America, one of the largest producers of wind power in Canada and the largest producer of hydro power in Alberta. 

Our investments and growth in renewable energy are highlighted by our diverse portfolio of renewable generation assets. 

We conduct scenario analyses to understand risks, opportunities, technologies and pathways for future climate scenarios to assist achieving our target of net zero by 2045.  

We build renewable projects for customers seeking to meet their own sustainability goals, such as carbon neutrality on Scope 2, RE100 goals or net zero. We can also contribute to our customers’ sustainability goals through the use of environmental attributes. 

Our leadership

TransAlta’s Corporate Officers and Board of Directors lead the organization with their diverse industry experience and a comprehensive understanding of the electricity, resource, finance and regulatory sectors.