Renewable energy products to reduce your carbon footprint

Do you need to reduce your carbon footprint, execute your ESG strategy, and demonstrate leadership as an environmental champion within your sector? Our renewable energy products and knowledgeable team of energy experts can help you achieve your environmental sustainability goals.

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How will it work?

Our team will review your specific business and decarbonization goals to determine the best strategy for your energy supply. We deliver our renewable energy solutions through Virtual Power Purchase Agreements (VPPAs). This simply means a long-term contract in which we deliver renewable energy to green your power use at a fixed price from our renewable assets. The environmental attributes from our renewable energy can take the following forms:

  • Renewable Energy Credits (RECs)
  • Carbon Offsets

Renewable Energy Credits

Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) represent 1MW of electricity produced from a renewable energy source such as wind, solar, or hydro. When you buy RECs equivalent to your business’ energy consumption, you offset the power you’ve used from traditional energy sources by funding green generators that supply the electricity grid. If you want to ‘green’ your operations and don’t have the resources to invest in your own renewable energy project, buying RECs can help you achieve your environmental sustainability goals.

The exchange of RECs is tracked and recorded so that once they’ve been sold, they cannot be purchased again. All RECs are given unique numbers and typically include information such as where they were generated, the type of renewable resource they came from, and a date stamp of generation. Our RECs are also Ecologo certified, which means our energy products or services have undergone rigorous, third-party testing for reduced ecological footprint.

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How it works: 

Renewable Energy Certificates can be purchased in set quantities or as a percentage of your overall electricity purchase 


  • RECs can be purchased separately or as part of a complete energy plan 
  • RECs from TransAlta Renewables are certified and tracked by independent third parties that verify the source and quantity of Green Energy® 

Recommended for businesses that want to: 

  • Take a leadership role and reduce the environmental impact of doing business 
  • Differentiate themselves from others without sacrificing their competitive advantage 

Carbon Offsets

If you’re seeking to negate your unavoidable emissions, one way to achieve this is through the purchase of carbon offsets. A carbon offset is a commodity you can buy to counteract your emissions. It is generated by an activity that either prevents the release of, reduces, or removes GHG emissions from the atmosphere, such as renewable energy generation, reforestation or carbon capture programs. One offset is equivalent to one metric ton of carbon dioxide absorbed or prevented from release. When you buy a carbon offset, you’re not only removing greenhouse gas emissions, but you’re also investing in the future. Proceeds from carbon offset purchases can be invested in future green projects. Offset purchases can help add value to your brand and boost your corporate reputation. 

How Virtual Power Purchase Agreements work

  • VPPAs are generally structured 2+ years before a project’s Commercial Online Date (COD) 
  • Supplier and customer remain in close communication throughout the development cycle 

Contract-for-Differences (CFD) Settlement Mechanism 

Example of Hourly Settlements 
Hour Project Generation (MWhs) Market Price VPPA Price Settlement 
100 $63 $65 ($200) 
100 $74$65$900 
Net 280   $780 

VPPA Benefits 

  • Clear “additionality” for the customer by providing revenue certainty needed for TransAlta to finance a renewable energy project, thus enabling new renewable power on the grid 
  • Opportunity to reduce volatility by locking into a fixed price for energy over a set period of time
  • Allows customers to make dramatic strides in achieving clean energy goals and offsetting emissions 
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Why clean energy?

  • Reduce your carbon emissions and achieve your sustainability goals
  • Lower your operating costs and minimize fuel consumption
  • Support sustainable solutions and projects in North America and Australia
  • Showcase your business as socially minded and sustainability-focused
  • Enhance your reputation as a sustainable organization

Why partner with TransAlta?

We can help you reach your clean energy goals—it’s that simple.

Our renewable developments bring clean energy to communities, businesses, and industries. As a company, we’ve been responsible for reducing our annual emissions by 29 million tonnes from 2005 levels. This is the equivalent of planting 80 million trees or taking 660,000 cars off the road. As one of Canada’s largest publicly traded power generators, we’re here to partner with you to deliver customized, sustainable energy solutions you can rely on. 

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