Cost-Effective Natural Gas Solutions in Alberta

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Reliable, low-cost natural gas for your business in Alberta

TransAlta is a leading energy retailer in North America. With 17 natural gas generation facilities in our portfolio, we are well-placed to deliver your custom energy solution for your unique business needs. Our retail energy team is here to help you get the best natural gas plans at affordable rates.

Who we serve 

TransAlta serves businesses in Alberta that use more than 2,500 GJ of natural gas per year.

Choose the best natural gas products for your business

Whatever your goal is, be it flexibility or stability with your energy bill, our natural gas solutions can be customized to meet your needs so you can focus on your business and not the energy that powers it.

Natural gas plans

  • Index: our index natural gas plan allows you to float your energy based on the daily market rate and gives you the flexibility to immediately lock your future natural gas supply at a competitive fixed rate.
  • Fixed: our fixed natural gas plan offers you stability. By setting a fixed price based on your consumption history, factors such as the fluctuation of natural gas prices due to seasonal temperature changes won’t affect your rates. You can focus on running your business without worrying about the market or weather conditions.
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Why partner with TransAlta?

At TransAlta, we pride ourselves on making it easy for you to buy natural gas for your business needs. We are the largest power generator in Alberta and our team is well-equipped to help you navigate the Alberta energy market and understand your energy purchasing journey from start to finish.


Whether you are a potential or current customer we might have the answer to your questions below.

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