The Future of Clean Electricity

A leader in clean electricity – committed to a sustainable future

Sustainability — A Competitive Advantage

Sustainability is more than a business strategy at TransAlta, it’s a competitive advantage. We place strategic focus on our environmental and social performance to balance our bottom line with our impact on people and the planet. This matters to our investors, to the communities we work with, to indigenous people and to our stakeholders.

“We are on the leading edge here — very few companies put their financial, people, environmental and safety goals all together” Dawn Farrell, CEO.

TransAlta’s renewable energy commitment began more than one hundred years ago when the company built the first hydro assets in Alberta, which still operate today. In 2002, we acquired our first wind farm and in 2015, our first solar farm, adding to our diversified mix of renewable energy. Today we operate 49 renewable facilities across Canada, the United States and Australia.

Our corporate vision is to be a leading clean power company by 2025. To support this vision our strategic goals include growth in renewable energy and gas, while reducing a significant amount of emissions from our coal fleet by way of coal-to-gas conversions and coal retirements.

TransAlta Renewables (RNW) was launched in 2013 by its parent company, TransAlta Corporation. RNW continues to secure value for investors from renewable energy and all long-term contracted TransAlta Corporation renewable assets were transferred to RNW.

Climate Change Management

We are committed to reducing 19.7 million tonnes of CO2e by 2030.

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Sustainability Targets

Holding us accountable for improvement in our most challenging areas.

Sustainability Reporting

Available alongside our financial reports in our Annual Integrated Report.

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We’re ambitious in our safety goals – Our goal is zero injuries.

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Indigenous Relations

We are committed to building open, constructive, mutually beneficial and sustainable relationships with the Indigenous communities with whom we are neighbours.

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Community Investment

We contributed over $2.2 million in community donations and sponsorships in 2020.

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