BESS (Battery Energy Storage Systems)

We are early adopters of technologies that will enable renewables and usher in a clean energy future. We created one of Canada’s first utility-scale battery energy storage systems (BESS), charged by one of our wind energy facilities. We understand battery storage technology and energy management, and can help you get the reliability, resiliency, and optimization you need to achieve your net-zero goals.

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Bring certainty to an uncertain power source

Our battery energy storage systems enhance power system flexibility, response, and reliability by enabling electricity from the grid and intermittent renewables, including wind, solar and hydro, to be stored and released when power is needed most.

Our BESS solutions are operated by our team of experienced power asset managers who use intelligent battery software to optimize wind and solar production. They also use utility rate structures, usage history, and weather patterns to determine when the stored energy is discharged. Our BESS system captures surplus energy from the grid or renewable source during times of high production/low demand and discharges it during times of low production/high demand, lowering energy cost and ensuring an uninterrupted supply of electricity in emergencies.

TransAlta is committed to net-zero electricity and is heavily invested in the emerging electricity technology space to enable us to provide business energy solutions that can be tailored to your operational needs. This results in optimized, cost-effective electricity and storage when it is most needed.

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How does it work?

We deliver our battery storage energy solutions through physical behind-the-meter on-site facilities as well as Virtual Power Purchase Agreements (VPPA). Both involve long-term contracts in which we deliver reliable green energy to power your operations at a fixed price. Our team will review your specific business and decarbonization goals to determine the best strategy for your energy supply.

Why battery energy storage systems?

Battery energy storage systems are a valuable addition to sites that need resiliency from weather events and natural disasters, critical operations, or any operation that demands uninterrupted power. This includes hospitals, district energy systems, petrochemical processes, and uninterruptible manufacturing and batch processes.

  • Reduce your carbon emissions and achieve your sustainability goals
  • Lower your operating costs and minimize fuel consumption
  • Smooth out the delivery of intermittent resources such as wind and solar
  • Offset the need to build pollution-emitting peak power plants
  • Enhance your reputation as a sustainable organization

Why partner with TransAlta?

We can help you reach your clean energy goals—it’s that simple. Our renewable developments bring clean energy to communities, businesses, and industries. As a company, we’ve been responsible for reducing our annual emissions by 29 million tonnes from 2005 levels. This is the equivalent of planting 80 million trees or taking 660,000 cars off the road. As one of Canada’s largest publicly traded power generators, we’re here to partner with you to deliver customized, sustainable energy solutions you can rely on.

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Case Study

Case study: learn about our work with BHP Nickel West

Looking for an integrated renewable energy solution for your business? Learn about our Northern Goldfields Solar Project where we delivered an onsite, integrated solar and battery solution to help meet BHP Nickel West’s carbon emission targets.

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Battery Energy Storage

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