Our Commitments

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion  

Our commitment and focus on excellence in equity, diversity and inclusion is found in our workplace amongst our co-workers who at all levels advocate for the core values of equity and inclusion. We believe a strong focus on ED&I will drive performance in innovation, improve service to our customers and positively impact the communities where we all live.   

In 2020, we adopted our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (ED&I) Pledge signed by our Board of Directors and Executive team, and formed our ED&I Council, empowering the council to develop a long-term ED&I strategy.

Goals that elevate our ED&I pledge 

Our ED&I pledge embodies our vision to strengthen our ED&I practices, and sets out four goals:

  • Making TransAlta workplaces trusting environments by having complex, and sometimes difficult, conversations about ED&I  
  • Expanding education in ED&I through our workplaces  
  • Creating best practices on meaningful ED&I initiatives  
  • Driving accountability on our ED&I initiatives by transparently reporting to our coworkers, executive team and Board of Directors. 

Targets that will get us there 

We are well on our way to meeting our targets, and we report on our progress through our Annual Integrated Report.

We regularly collect data on our colleagues’ experiences to identify bias and barriers faced by underrepresented groups, and we have implemented programs and policies designed to unlock specific challenges while tracking results.   

TransAlta is certified by Diversio for our commitment to measuring, tracking and improving ED&I.  

For the past two years in a row, TransAlta was named to Bloomberg’s Gender Equality Index and to Globe and Mail’s Report on Business “Women Lead Here List.” See our awards and recognitions

ED&I targets

  • Support equal access to all levels of education for youth and Indigenous peoples through financial support and employment opportunities
  • Provide Indigenous cultural awareness training to all employees by the end of 2023
  • Achieve 50 per cent female representation on the Board of Directors by 2030
  • Achieve 40 per cent female gender balance across all employees by 2030
  • Maintain equal pay for women in equivalent roles as men

Indigenous Relations

At TransAlta, we value and respect our Indigenous neighbours, aspiring to the highest standards in our relationships and partnerships with Indigenous people.

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Safety at TransAlta

We’re committed to protecting the public, the environment, the company’s physical assets, and the physical, psychological, and social well-being of our people. Meeting this commitment is a corporate responsibility for TransAlta and the personal responsibility of each employee and contractor working on our behalf.

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