Ethics Helpline

At TransAlta, how we attain our goals is as important as achieving them, and in today’s complex business environment, employees, vendors and clients can find themselves in situations where knowing the “right thing to do” is far from black and white.

Concerns about vendor relationships, possible conflicts of interest and the proper use of company resources are just three areas where questions often arise.

Help when you need it

To help our employees, vendors, clients and members of the general public assess these issues and address their concerns; TransAlta maintains a confidential ethics helpline. It can be used to report suspected violations or raise concerns about anything you believe to be contrary to TransAlta policy or the company’s Code of Conduct.

Get in touch

The ethics helpline can be accessed by phone, mail or electronically through

The phone line does not have caller display and callers can remain anonymous if they choose. However, callers are asked to provide enough detail to adequately respond to the inquiry or evaluate an allegation.

When a caller uses the ethics helpline, they will be given a case reference number, which can be used to receive follow-up information. All concerns will be evaluated, and a course of action will be determined when necessary.

For details on how to use the helpline, please download a copy of our Ethics Helpline Procedures.