Our Priorities

Leading the clean energy transition

We believe the 2020s will be a decade of massive clean energy expansion and we are excited about the role that TransAlta will play. We have a proven track record along with the expertise and experience to meet the challenge. 

Our strategic focus is to invest in clean energy solutions that meet the needs of our industrial customers and communities. We invest in a disciplined manner in projects that help our customers and communities meet their environment, social and governance (ESG) objectives and that deliver returns to our shareholders. 

Our strategic priorities 

  • Accelerate growth in customer-centred renewables and storage: We are growing our renewable capacity and plan to invest $3 billion to deliver 2 GW of incremental renewable capacity by the end of 2025.
  • Take a targeted approach to diversification: We are focused on growing our asset base in our core geographies of Canada, Australia and the United States to realize increased diversification and value creation.
  • Maintain our financial strength and capital allocation discipline: Our strong cash flow results provide a large pool of funds to be allocated to our funding priorities including growth, dividends and share buybacks.
  • Define the next generation of power solutions and technologies: We intend to meet the needs of our customers and communities through the implementation of innovative power solutions and technologies in the latter half of this decade and beyond.
  • Lead in ESG policy development: We actively participate in policy development to ensure the zero-emissions electricity we provide contributes to emissions reduction, grid reliability and competitive energy prices.
  • Successfully navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic: We will continue to maintain an effective response to COVID-19 and plan a safe return to our offices.

ESG is more than simply a business strategy, it’s our competitive advantage

Sustainability, or ESG, is one of our core values: it is part of our corporate culture and is a top priority. We strive to integrate sustainability into governance, decision-making, risk management and our day-to-day business processes, while balancing growth considerations and the economy.

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Windmills on a yellow and green field