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TransAlta began operations in the United States in 2000 with the purchase of the Centralia plant in Washington State. We have expanded since then and now include generation in Wyoming, Minnesota, Massachusetts, and coming in 2019, Pennsylvania. We have five U.S. facilities that have the capacity to produce more than 1,500 megawatts of reliable energy from sources including coal, hydro, solar and wind.

We are an experienced and well-respected power generator and wholesale marketer of electricity servicing the entire western interconnection (WECC) and Mid-C energy markets. Our customers include investor-owned utilities (IOUs), public utility districts (PUDs) and large industrial customers.

TransAlta U.S. is committed to sustainable growth opportunities, and providing affordable, reliable power through long-term contracts with a focus on the markets and technologies we know best. We’ve been recognized for leading many growth initiatives based on market fundamentals and sustainable development practices. Grow sustainably. Partner with us and we’ll show you how.




Skookumchuck hydro

Wyoming wind
Lakeswind wind

North Brookfield (part of Mass Solar site)
Milton (part of Mass Solar site)
Freetown (part of Mass Solar site)
Dartmouth (part of Mass Solar site)
Braley (part of Mass Solar site)



Procedure for interconnection to the Federal Columbia River Transmission System: Facility Connection Requirements
Related information on the Bonneville Power Administration website


TransAlta’s Portland Office

TransAlta’s Portland office opened in 1998 to support Mid-Columbia Market Hub trading and the Centralia acquisition with a focus on electrical transmission. The office’s mission has grown to include market access, western EIM and ISO expansion, TransAlta Energy Marketing’s transmission inventory, plus mitigating market penalties, charges, and operating risks for TransAlta’s generation assets. Portland’s transmission expertise also helps origination activities, business development, and U.S. growth. Regulatory venues covered include MIDC and the greater Pacific Northwest, TransAlta’s participation in the Northwest and Intermountain Power Producers Coalition (NIPPC), WECC, NERC, and FERC.

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