Women in Trades Scholarship

Overview: Scholarship Program

In support of International Women’s Day, TransAlta launched the inaugural Women in Trades Scholarship on May 1, 2021. The scholarship received a positive response and resulted in a significant number of applications received before the program closed on June 15.

TransAlta is proud to announce the following recipients of the Women in Trades Scholarship. These talented women are enrolled in trades programs across our operating jurisdictions and are working towards meeting their education career goals in a range of technical trades.

All of us at TransAlta wish each recipient the best of success in their chosen studies.

2021 Women in Trades Scholarship Recipients

  • Ashlie L.
  • Brooklyn F.
  • Gurpreet K.
  • Jessica L.
  • Katie F.
  • Larissa L.
  • Larissa P.
  • Tianna R.
  • Tiffany P.
  • Tlell P.
  • Madison A.

On an annual basis, TransAlta offers scholarship awards of up to $3,000 for eligible students entering post-secondary trade programs
on a full-time basis.

Applications Closed for 2021.

Sustainability Targets

We are strengthening gender equality in our workplaces. Read our 2021+ Sustainability Targets here.

Our Operations

With more than 70 facilities we’ve acquired world-class expertise in generating clean power.

TransAlta's Leadership

In 2020, women made up 43 per cent of our executive office and 45 per cent of our Board of Directors.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants for TransAlta’s Women in Trades scholarship must
meet the following criteria:


  • You identify as a woman;
  • You are a Canadian, Australian or American citizen or permanent resident;
  • You are enrolled in a full-time, post-secondary trades program and
    must maintain satisfactory academic standing throughout your program;
  • You have a plan for achieving your education and career goals;
  • You commit to updating TransAlta on your progress throughout
    the duration of your studies; and
  • You complete and provide the information as requested by TransAlta.
Scholarship Selection Criteria

When selecting award recipients, the selection committee will
consider the following criteria:


  • Applicant is enrolled in a program of study that support TransAlta’s operations;
  • Applicant had sufficient academic success and career goals;
  • Applicant may be a current student/intern at TransAlta; 
  • Applicant may be a dependent of a TransAlta employee; 
  • Applicant has a history of community and volunteer participation; and
  • Contents of applicant’s essay.
Applicants will be asked to submit a maximum 500-word essay detailing: 


  • Their academic and career goals;
  • Information on their current or past community involvement and
    volunteerism, including any leadership roles;
  • How they plan to use their education to give back to women in the community;
  • How they plan to keep TransAlta informed of their progress in school; and
  • Why they should be the recipient of the scholarship.

Applications Open: May 1, 2021

Applications Close: June 15, 2021

Recipients Announced: August 30, 2021