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And now we’re taking a step further

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At TransAlta, we understand that good safety is also good business. We have a comprehensive safety program which has helped us achieve last year’s 0.85 injury frequency rate (IFR).

While we believe that achieving zero incidents is possible, we are taking it one step further to achieve that.

We’re making it personal.

We have asked each and every person who works at TransAlta to talk about why they are committed to safety. We’ve asked them to commit to being personally responsible for doing all they can to make sure everyone gets home safe at the end of the day.

Safety is top of mind — for everyone

Safety Moments are a big part of our culture at TransAlta. Whenever four or more people meet, we ask one of the group to lead a “Safety Moment.” Safety Moments are discussions of near misses or seasonal issues (such as slipping on ice) or ideas about better ways to stay safe.

Why do we do this? Because safety is a core value and needs to be top of mind for everyone, whether they work at our corporate offices or out at a site.

That’s not all. Safety at TransAlta means:

  • Talking about safety all the time. In addition to the Safety Moments at every meeting of four or more, Dawn Farrell provides a safety moment weekly in her blog to all employees. Daily meetings at sites happen before work begins to talk about potential safety issues, and safety meetings take place regularly across our operations. Senior leaders across our organization meet monthly to review our safety performance and find ways to drive continuous improvement.
  • Setting ambitious goals and performance measures. Tracking our safety performance through an executive oversight committee and sharing it with the entire organization keeps us on track to make sure all facilities have an environment free of injuries, incidents and near miss events.
  • Monitoring and communicating safety. “Safety Alerts” let the whole fleet learn when an incident has occurred. “Lessons Learned” reports communicate findings from those investigations so it doesn’t happen again. Everyone can easily report hazards with our “Yellow Card” system. Regular safety inspections and site audits ensure we meet both the requirements of applicable legislation and our own safety management systems. Field Level Hazard Assessments happen before each and every job so everyone stays safe, and our leaders audit these assessments to make sure that our workers are addressing and mitigating all potential hazards.
  • Rewarding safety excellence. Every year, we acknowledge safety excellence through our President’s Awards for Safety with awards for best safety performance to facility, contractor, supervisor and employee.

“For me, safety is incredibly important in everything we do, every day,” Dawn Farrell, CEO.

We believe that:


  • Everyone is obligated to refuse or stop unsafe work
  • Our work environment impacts safety performance
  • All employees can lead by example
  • Our leaders are responsible for the safety and engagement of their teams
  • We can achieve safe production
  • Working safely a condition of employment


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