Our Operations

Generating the safe, reliable and affordable power that millions depend on is made possible by our commitment to efficiency at all our operations. Our growing portfolio of assets powered by Solar, Wind, Hydro, Coal, Natural Gas and Energy Storage are necessary to maintain a healthy and stable electricity supply. With more than 70 power plants in Canada, the United States and Australia, we’ve acquired world-class development and operational expertise in generating clean power.


MW of Net Generating Capacity

Operating Countries

Clean, Reliable and Affordable Electricity

As part of TransAlta’s transition to clean power, we are in the process of converting up to seven of our coal-fired generating units to natural gas. As a leader in clean energy, TransAlta is taking large strides to convert the fuel source for its generators and use the existing plant sites to continue to provide Albertans with clean, reliable and affordable electricity.

Dedicated to Safety 

TransAlta is committed to protecting our people, the public, the environment and the company’s physical assets. Meeting this commitment is a corporate responsibility for TransAlta, and the personal responsibility of each employee and contractor working on TransAlta’s behalf. The public also plays a role by understanding how to be safe when near our operations.

Safety at TransAlta

TransAlta is committed to protecting our people, the public, the environment and the company’s physical assets.

Water Safety

Ensure your visit and water activity is safe by respecting warning signs and following simple safety rules.

Wind Safety

At TransAlta, the safety of our employees and the public is our top priority.

Hydro Flows & Elevations 


TransAlta has more than 100 years of experience in hydro generation. Our Horseshoe facility in Alberta, commissioned in 1911, is still running today. Our 27 hydro facilities have the capacity to deliver 936 MW of clean energy.



Our beginnings started in Alberta over 100 years ago. Today, we stretch across the country providing the electricity Canadians need every day.

United States

Our United States operations began in Centralia, Washington. Since then, our U.S. fleet has expanded to include, coal, gas, hydro, solar and wind generation.


TransAlta Energy Australia is building on our 20-year history in the country with significant new investments made over the past few years.