United States

Powering communities across the U.S.

TransAlta began operations in the United States in 2000, with the purchase of the Centralia plant in Washington State. We have expanded since then and now also include generation in Wyoming, Minnesota and Massachusetts. We have five U.S. facilities that have the capacity to produce more than 1,500 megawatts of reliable energy from sources including coal, hydro, solar and wind.

We are an experienced and well-respected power generator and wholesale marketer of electricity servicing the entire western interconnection (WECC) and Mid-C energy markets. Our customers include investor-owned utilities (IOUs), public utility districts (PUDs) and large industrial customers.

The signing of the TransAlta Energy Transition Bill in early 2011 established opportunities for the company to plan long-term growth across the Pacific Northwest. The bill provides for the orderly transition of the Centralia plant from coal in 2020 and 2025, and allows TransAlta to grow and maintain our presence in the power market while protecting jobs and the community with the $30 M we have set aside to assist with the transition. We are uniquely suited to fill the need for replacement generation with plans to construct a new large-scale natural gas plant at the existing Centralia site.

TransAlta U.S. is committed to sustainable growth opportunities, and providing affordable, reliable power through long-term contracts with a focus on the markets and technologies we know best. We’ve been recognized for leading many growth initiatives based on market fundamentals and sustainable development practices. Grow sustainably. Partner with us and we’ll show you how.