Strait Shores

Last update: 06/27/2024

TransAlta is exploring an opportunity to develop a wind energy project in Strait Shores, a southeastern New Brunswick rural community approximately 60 km east of Moncton, in Westmorland County.

The wind project is still in an early stage of planning, but is anticipated to consist of both a wind farm and a new substation, with a short transmission line to connect to one of the three existing 138 kV lines near the project. The project is located on private land. Although at this stage of project development a specific turbine has not been selected, the estimated turbine hub height and turbine tip height are 119 m and 200 m, respectively.

Proposed Strait Shores Wind Project Area

2024 Environmental Surveys

To develop an understanding of the local environment and the potential effects that a wind project might have on local natural resources, TransAlta is conducting environmental surveys beginning in April 2024. Environmental surveys planned for 2024 include:

  • Spring and Fall Migratory Birds;
  • Breeding Bird Surveys;
  • Winter Bird Surveys;
  • Acoustic Bat Detection; and,
  • Land Cover and Wetland surveys.

Acoustic Bat Monitoring

To develop an understanding of the different bat species that might live near the Project, TransAlta will complete a bat acoustic monitoring program to determine the presence or absence and relative abundance of various bat species. To collect bat acoustic data TransAlta will deploy Acoustic Recording Units (ARUs), installed on temporary poles/towers and in place from early May to October 2024. The equipment will be redeployed in Spring 2025, from mid-April to May. 

Meteorological Towers

To support an analysis of the meteorological conditions at Strait Shores, TransAlta will install a meteorological tower within the Project area for data collection. The specific location for the tower will be selected shortly, with a plan for the tower to be in place beginning in July or August 2024. The tower will remain in place for approximately one year.

The tower will be tubular and approximately 60 m tall. The tower will be supported by guy wires anchored approximately 60 m from the tower base.

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