Tax Election Form

The purpose of this Form is to collect the relevant information which will allow TransAlta to partially prepare, and return to the former RNW Shareholder, a Joint Tax Election Form (or any applicable Quebec provincial tax election as required by the applicable provincial legislation).

TransAlta will not be responsible for the proper completion of any election form or have any other liability or obligation in respect thereof except for the obligation of TransAlta to provide an executed copy of the Joint Tax Election containing the relevant information to each former RNW Shareholder that has submitted the relevant information to TransAlta on or before January 3, 2024 (the Tax Election Deadline). TransAlta will not be liable for or have any obligation in respect of any taxes, interest or penalties resulting from the failure of a former RNW Shareholder to properly complete or file such election forms in the manner and within the time prescribed by the Income Tax Act (Canada) (or any applicable provincial legislation).

It is highly recommended that you review the information outlined in the webpage prior to completion of the Joint Tax Election Request Form. 

Any former RNW Shareholder that is considering making a Joint Tax Election should consult with their own tax advisor as soon as possible to determine whether a Joint Tax Election is appropriate in their circumstances and to ensure that any election is validly made.