The Alberta Wire October 31st, 2017

Flurries of snow hit the ground last weekend just before Halloween, a typical occurrence for trick-or-treaters in Alberta. Aside from snow, there were no major outages or unexpected weather events, and the week settled at $17.32/MWh, a 55% decrease over the previously chaotic week. Forward calendar prices have moved up 2% week over week responding to the strengthened natural gas forwards.
Scheduled pipeline maintenance has been completed ahead of November 1st and with the Dawn Long Term Fixed Price contract beginning tomorrow, Alberta expects to see greater exports and stronger gas prices going forward. The AECO-C spot price continued to gain this week averaging $0.96/GJ, up $0.35/GJ over last week. October as a whole averaged ~0.75/GJ, and the forward looking curve is anticipating November settling above $2/GJ.Â
The National Observer conducted an interview with Margaret McCuaig-Boyd, Alberta’s energy minister. Two common themes she expects to see in Alberta’s future include market diversification and innovation. Like many Albertans she is hopeful for a pipeline to be built west, and for technology to develop around reduced carbon emissions.