Old mine, new use. Our reclamation efforts at the Whitewood mine show our commitment to environmental sustainability.

Reducing Environmental Impact

At TransAlta, we are proud of our history as a leader in providing power and of our track record in helping develop solutions to limit the environmental impact of generating that power. As far as we’ve come, we continue to invest in and investigate new technologies and methods to further reduce that impact.

We are doing that in part by

  • Focusing the majority of our planned growth on renewable generation methods like wind and hydro
  • Re-investing in our hydroelectric facilities to extend their lives for another 40-50 years
  • Enhancing the environmental component of our Environment, Health & Safety Management System to meet ISO 14001 standards

What we want to achieve

  • Zero occurrence of reportable environmental incidents
  • A minimized environmental footprint

Reducing any hazardous impact from our activities benefits not only our operations and financial results, but also the communities in which we operate.

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