Ambassador Gordon D. Giffin


Ambassador Giffin is Senior Partner of the law firm of Dentons (formerly McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP), where he maintains offices in Washington, D.C. and Atlanta. His practice focuses on international transactions related to trade, energy and public policy. He has been engaged in the practice of law or government service for more than 40 years. He served as the United States Ambassador to Canada with responsibility for managing Canada/U.S. bilateral relations, including energy and environmental policy from August 1997 to April 2001. Prior to that, he served as Chief Counsel and Legislative Director to United States Senator Sam Nunn, with responsibility for the legal and legislative operations of the office.

Ambassador Giffin has spent three decades as an attorney in the energy industry as an advisor, trying multiple energy regulatory cases before state and federal tribunals and courts, and handling transactions including mergers and acquisitions. During a decade in public service, he was a senior attorney and advisor in the United States Senate where, among other matters, he worked on major energy public policy initiatives. During his four years as United States Ambassador to Canada, his responsibilities included the entire array of policy matters in the Canada-U.S. context including energy policy. He has substantial experience in dealing with issues at the intersection of industry and public policy.

Since leaving public office, he resumed his continental law practice and remains actively engaged in public policy initiatives and international affairs through membership in the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission.

Ambassador Giffin holds a Bachelor of Arts from Duke University (Durham, NC) and a Juris Doctorate from Emory University School of Law (Atlanta, GA). Ambassador Giffin brings to the Company and the Board experience in law, regulatory and governmental affairs.