Repowering Projects

Safe, low-cost and reliable clean electricity for Albertans


As part of TransAlta’s transition to clean power, the company is advancing its work on natural gas fired, combined-cycle “Repowering Projects” at its Keephills and Sundance power plants. The Repowering Projects will combine the use of existing and new infrastructure.  Existing steam turbines on two generating units (Keephills 1 and Sundance 5) will be used, along with new combustion turbine generators (“CTG”) and heat recovery steam generators (“HRSG”), creating highly efficient combined-cycle units at each plant site. The output from each repowered unit will generate approximately 630 megawatts.

The Repowering Projects will extend the lives of existing assets to deliver safe, low-cost and reliable clean energy for Albertans. After the successful completion of the Repowering Projects, the operating life of each generating unit (Keephills 1 and Sundance 5) is expected to be 25 years. The Repowering Projects demonstrate TransAlta’s commitment to maintain its presence in Parkland County continuing to contribute to the regional economy for decades to come.


TransAlta held a public open house on Tuesday, October 15 and copies of the displays shared at the open house are located in the Related Links section. 


Repowering Projects Schedule


The proposed schedule for the project is shown in the table below. Public consultation will commence in September 2019, withregulatory applications planned to be filed in the fourth quarter of 2019. Upon receipt of approvals, construction is anticipated to commence early in 2021. Construction will take approximately two years for each generating unit (Keephills 1 and Sundance 5) with commissioning and commercial operations expected in 2023 and 2024. Sundance 5 is the site for the first planned build.