Behind the Scenes

Meet the Centralia Facility & Team

Although you may not realize it, TransAlta’s Centralia Facility plays an important role in the daily lives of thousands of Washingtonians. The facility and its dedicated team of operation, environment and maintenance experts are hard at work day and night providing 10 percent of the state’s power and contributing more than $100 million to the state and local economy each year.

(Left to right) Barry Chappelle, Marylee Peters, Angela Mallow, Dennis Morr, Sandy Yanish, Tony Briggs, members of Centralia’s community and stakeholder teams.

With these videos, take a behind-the-scenes look at what our employees are doing to ensure that turning on a light switch at home or work across our state gets the same result, every time. Please, check back regularly, share the videos and send any feedback or questions to