The Sheerness Generating Station is co-owned by TransAlta and ATCO Power. ATCO operates the plant’s two units. Sheerness is located 200 kilometers northeast of Calgary near Hanna, Alberta.

The power plant’s two generating units annually produce about 5.5 million megawatt-hours of energy. A unit consists of a boiler, turbine and generator.

Sheerness is fueled by coal from the Sheerness Mine.

Environmental Highlights

The Sheerness cooling pond, which is filled from the Red Deer River, is also a source of water for the town of Hanna and surrounding communities, irrigation water for farmers, and a recreation area.

Facts & Figures 

Location: Hanna, AB
Fuel: Coal
Capacity (MW): 780
Ownership: 25%
Operator: No
First on-stream: 1986
Revenue Source: Alberta PPA
Builder: No
Contract Expiry