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TransAlta Customer Solutions is now offering Energy Services. Partnered with best-in-class energy service providers, we can help your business achieve its overall energy objectives by:

  • Managing your energy consumption and energy costs
  • Mitigating market price risks and volume exposures
  • Modifying your energy requirements with sustainability initiatives and by generating your own electricity
  • Monitoring the energy market design changes, price signals and applicable and available incentives

Let our Customer Solutions team work with you to provide a comprehensive energy strategy. Not sure if your business will qualify for government incentives? Energy Efficiency Alberta might be able to help.

Explore Energy Services 

Generate your own clean energy
Solar can provide a consistent, sustainable clean energy option for your business – delivering both cost savings on electricity and reductions in carbon tax expenses through lower greenhouse gas emissions. As the solar industry has matured and innovated, the economics and dependability of the sector have continued to improve. Declining technology costs along with increasing government subsidies combine to make solar an extremely intelligent solution for many Alberta businesses. In addition, implementing solar can help offset the delivered costs of energy, the transmission and distribution costs. With our partner, we can manage the installation of commercial solar energy systems tailored to your locations and needs, as well as direction on maximizing your investment through generous incentive programs.
Energy Efficiency Audits

Evaluate your energy savings opportunities

Reducing energy consumption and realizing the accompanying savings begins with being able to clearly identify energy losses.

Along with our partner we offer comprehensive multi-level ASHRAE auditing to assess current energy use and identify opportunities. In addition to the standardized industry audit elements, which include analysis of building energy model, thermographic imaging report, indoor air quality and comfort assessment, we also evaluate potential opportunities for renewable energy implementation and water efficiency measures.

This service will provide your business with an energy assessment report to understand current inefficiencies, and a go-forward energy plan to proactively manage future energy usage and reduce energy costs. Regardless of whether you implement any of the measures, the information and insights will position you to access the more than $645M Alberta has committed for energy efficiency incentives over the next five years.

Should you choose to implement any recommended efficiency solutions, we have the expertise to manage all aspects of the project, from RFP and vendor recommendation to identification and application for qualifying incentives.

Distributed Generation

Generate your own electricity close to where you need it

Distributed Generation allows companies to generate their own electricity, where they need it, with comprehensive control measures.

Also known as distributed energy, on-site generation or district energy, distributed generation reduces the reliance on grid electricity while increasing energy security and control. Unlike conventional power generation, which is centralized and requires electricity to be transmitted over large distances, distributed generation reduces transmission charges and provides primary and backup power through variety of devices that can be grid-connected or behind-the-fence, depending on your needs.

Along with our partner, Simson Maxwell, TransAlta can provide assistance in the design, assembly, installation, commission and maintenance of power generation systems ranging in size from 5KW to over 100 MW.

Distributed Generation Partner: Simson Maxwell, a wholly owned subsidiary of Simmax Corp.

  • Alberta-based company with over 75 years of experience
  • Delivers standby and prime power generation solutions
  • Works with customers in commercial, industrial, mining and utility sectors
  • Experience in wind, solar and battery storage
Building Automation

Reduce your energy costs by up to 35 per cent

Building Automation Technology is a highly-secure, cloud-based software solution that works with existing building automation systems (BAS) to actively reduce energy costs by an average of 15 per cent.

Integrated within the building systems and software, automation technology works in real-time, analyzing building data along with external data such as weather, real-time pricing of electricity, occupancy and event schedules. Using this internal and external data, the technology determines the most efficient settings for the building, while maintaining safety, comfort, and contractual obligations. Then, as often as every five minutes, those settings are automatically updated to deliver energy at the lowest possible cost – all without the need for any intervention by building operations staff. Shift technology autonomously does the small things a human would never do to achieve a large overall savings.

Building Automation Partner: Shift Energy, a Mariner Company:

  • Provides software-based energy cost optimization services
  • Operating across North America since 2009
  • Proprietary optimization technology currently in use in a number of building types including; commercial buildings, sporting venues and healthcare facilities
  • Technology goes beyond data and analytics to actively optimize energy consumption

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