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Powering the economy and supporting the community.
Committed to a cleaner future.


The signing of the TransAlta Energy Transition Bill in early 2011 represents significant collaboration among policymakers, environmentalists, labor leaders and TransAlta around the common goal of reducing emissions from energy production without unduly disrupting the local economy. Through all sides listening to each other’s concerns and setting realistic expectations, an agreement was established that provides opportunities for the company to plan long-term growth across the Pacific Northwest.

The bill provides for the orderly transition of the Centralia plant from coal in 2020 and 2025, and allows TransAlta to grow and maintain a presence in the power market while protecting jobs and the community with the $55 million we have set aside to assist with the transition. We are uniquely suited to fill the need for replacement generation with plans to convert the Centralia facility to natural gas.

$55 million community development, energy efficiency investment moving ahead

TransAlta committed to invest $55 million into the local community and the state of Washington to support energy efficiency, economic and community development, and education and retraining initiatives. For more information on the Centralia Coal Transition Funding Boards, visit the Centralia Coal Transition Grants website.


Coal Combustion Residuals (CCR) Information

Posting of the CCR information is intended to satisfy the requirement under the CCR Rule 40 CFR 257.107 to maintain a publicly accessible internet site (CCR site) containing the information specified in that section. The required information will be posted when it is accomplished and is available.

We are committed to providing information to our community about our facilities. Visit the CCR information page to view CCR Rule compliance data.

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