Trades & Operation

A Day In The Life

Click on the day’s appointments and reminders to get a better idea of what life as an operator and tradesperson is all about at TransAlta.

9 am | Tailboard Meeting
Discuss the day’s work and review safety precautions. AT TransAlta, we’re striving for a workplace where there are no injuries or reportable incidents. Daily tailboard meetings help set the tone for the shift.
10 am | Meet with plant operators
Troubleshoot and isolate a failing piece of equipment that is jeopardizing production. Power plants are critical to our way of life. When one goes down, it can have a real impact on electricity supply and there’s no way to make up any lost revenue. As our first line of defense, our trades people and operators help us keep on top of our game.
11 am | Complete repairs
Work with operators to verify equipment returned to service and operating satisfactorily – another job completed safetly.
1 pm | Briefing
Attend in-shop demonstration on new shop tools. At TransAlta, there’s always something to learn and new technologies to master. That’s especially true as we work to become more efficient by finding ways to produce more power from the same amount of fuel.
2 pm | Plan pump overhaul
Work with planners and supervisors to lay out work and safety plans for tomorrow’s large pump overhaul. There’s a great deal of planning that goes into much of our maintenance work. The goal is to complete our work as efficiently and as safely as possible to minimze down time, and that takes good planning and preparation.
4 pm | Wash-up
Ready to go home after another safe and productive day.
Reminder 1 | Sign up for training session
TransAlta sponsors opportunities for continuous training for its employees.
Reminder 2 | Review and update pension investments
Adjust mix of stocks and bonds in personal pension account. At TransAlta, most employees have direct control over their pensions and can dictate how they want their pension funds invested.
Reminder 3: | Make dentist appointment
TransAlta has a competitive benefits plan with different options to meet most every need.