Information Technology

Our message to you

At TransAlta, IT is much more than information and technology. It is where information and technology meet with the business to add value.

Adding value compels us to continually and critically examine two key issues; “What we do” and “How we do it.”

We have defined the what as a conscientious effort by our group to move away from being viewed as a supplier of projects, services and technologies, to being recognized as an enduring, value-driven business partner.

But the how is just important as the what. Within our group at TransAlta, the how is much more than a road map describing the route from point A to point B. The how also describes our expectations of one another as we go about our work keeping four principles in mind:

  • Openness
  • Sustainability
  • Relationships
  • Leadership

It’s a remarkable journey full of all sorts of challenge – from the tactical and technological, to the strategic and long-term. It’s a journey worth making and we invite you to join us.

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