Why join a world-class, organization like TransAlta?

Here are a few reasons worth considering …

  1. Work-life balance is important
    TransAlta knows you value your free time as much as your work. We offer a generous vacation package for all our employees… because we only get the best out of you when you’ve got something left for yourself.
  2. We fund your pension. You direct it.
    TransAlta funds the pension plans for all its workers and in most instances, employees have the ability to direct the investment of their pension funds in a manner that’s best suited for them.
  3. Finance is a true business partner.
    Finance professionals at TransAlta do more than just present the numbers. Our diligent and in-depth analysis helps to create the value we report because our recommendations are instrumental in TransAlta’s ability to extract maximum worth from its assets in a controlled manner.
  4. Leadership development.
    We see the potential in you. That’s why TransAlta will help you attain the financial designation of your choice, and we’ll work to align your career development with your progress through your formal training. Not only do we want you to succeed, we want you to be in a position to apply your new skills with us as soon as you are ready.
  5. Decisions … BIG decisions … are made locally.
    In the heart of “oil country,” our Calgary finance team appreciates the fact they can follow through on financial decisions without having to ask for permission from a far-away head office. The same philosophy filters down through all our operations at power plants and offices across Alberta, Canada, the U.S., and Australia.
  6. Recognition as a financial leader.
    TransAlta has been recognized on numerous occasions for its exemplary financial reporting, ethics and corporate governance. If your professional reputation is only as good as the company you work for, TransAlta is definitely an employer to consider.
  7. Internal mobility.
    If you’re interested in variety, you’ll find it at TransAlta. Our finance professionals can find themselves in numerous roles over the years, and that includes opportunities in areas not always associated with finance. There’s also plenty of project work and for some, the opportunity to take on short-term assignments in other locations.
  8. Easily accessible & approachable leadership
    It’s hard to soak in and benefit from the experience of all those around you when you’re cloistered in the confines of a cramped office or cubicle. That’s why all our staff – EVPs included – work in full view in an open office setting. It’s just one way to ensure leadership is easily accessible and that we all benefit from one another’s experience.
  9. TransAlta is a diversified international player in a dynamic industry.
    With a variety of power plants in Canada, the U.S., and Australia, we have a geographically and economically diverse portfolio utilizing different fuel-sources that serve both regulated and deregulated markets.

    With more than 2,000 employees, $8 billion in assets, and 70 power plants, TransAlta is large enough for the most ambitious, yet small enough so you’re not lost in a crowd.

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