Our Message

When the awards for financial reporting and governance are handed out, it may be the CEO or CFO who is in the spotlight, but we know the people who really make it all happen.

TransAlta’s finance teams strive to be world class. They have the breadth of knowledge, versatility, candor and experience necessary to tackle the most difficult and complex accounting and business issues, and they confidently make decisions that will impact our performance years – even decades – into the future. They are true business partners.

Part of the versatility and insight that makes this possible is the range of opportunities available to finance professionals at TransAlta … including plenty of opportunities to work with the business.

Many senior staff have taken varying roles and responsibilities during their time with TransAlta, and we encourage all our staff with the same desire and ability to take advantage of similar opportunities when they are made available to them. After all, it will be their well-rounded knowledge and hard work that will form the basis of our future success.

Current Opportunities