Alberta Wire October 10th, 2017

Last Monday’s short-lived flash blizzard had little effect on the weekly power price, which averaged $17.97, 32.1% lower than the week previous. Volatility was kept to a minimum with a well-supplied grid which benefited from strong wind and below average demand over the long weekend.
The AECO-C natural gas price recovered modestly to $0.59/GJ this week, up from last week’s unprecedented $0.00/GJ price. The TCPL tolerancing issue affecting Empress’ throughput has been resolved and a steady price recovery is expected.
Final submissions for the 29 projects shortlisted for the Alberta Renewable Energy Program’s call for 400 MW are due this Thursday.  Developers will submit final proposals for projects priced high enough to cover construction costs, operating expenses and profits in a 20-year contract, but low enough to beat other bidders. In December the successful bids will be announced and contracts awarded with a goal of having those renewable  projects connected to the grid in December 2019.