The Alberta Wire – January 2, 2018

Happy New Year! It’s starting to warm up across Alberta after a deep freeze that was so cold even the Calgary
Zoo penguins couldn’t be outside. The province set a consumption record on December 28th, 2017 at 11,473
MW when temperature reached as cold as -46 degrees with the wind chill. The Alberta carbon tax increased to
$30/tonne yesterday, and commodity prices are reflecting the change. 560 MW of coal has officially come offline
– Sundance 1 has been retired, and Sundance 2 is offline until 2020.
The last week averaged $29.89/MWh, with yesterday reaching as high as $45.90/MWh. The first day in 2018
averaged $37.12/MWh as carbon tax increased the price of power ~$9/MWh. Power price for 2017 averaged
AECO gas settled at a record high for 2017 at $4.09/GJ on December 30th, and averaged $2.67/GJ over the last
10 trading days. High prices can be attributed to cold weather and increased withdrawal from storage to keep up
with demand. Gas price for 2017 averaged $2.05/GJ.