Our People Our Values

Values power our people and TransAlta

Great companies are built by great people.Our People. Our Values.

Since 1911, we’ve supplied the electric power that has made progress and innovation possible in Alberta — and beyond.

TransAlta was built by people with great pride in the product we deliver and with the commitment in being a safe and responsible operator and community partner.

Moving into the future, we will maintain our century-old focus on being a valued neighbour, a trusted company with the highest standards of integrity and a key member of the communities where we work and live.

It is the power of our values that connects us as a team, and that keeps us connected to the needs of communities, business and people. When our behaviour reflects our values, we honour our 105 year heritage of generating reliable, responsible and affordable electricity.

Our values are grounded in accountability, integrity, sustainability, safety and people; which create a strong corporate culture and allow all of our people to work on a common ground and understanding.

These values are at the heart of our success.

Our People. Our Values


TransAlta has been an industry leader for 100 years; and will lead for 100 more. Through hard work and creativity, we will stay competitive. We will pioneer innovative ways to deliver reliable, economic and greener electricity to customers for years to come.


We listen, we are open, we value other’s perspectives and we treat all equally. In our words and actions, we place a high priority on respect in our workplace and our working relations.


We are in this together. We are dedicated to achieving our goals through loyalty to our colleagues, to our customers and to our company.


You can hold us to our word. We are confident and empowered to make decisions that lead our company forward. Our personal commitment is to do what we say we will do.


We act at all times with honesty, fairness and transparency. Integrity is the foundation of our business.


We are committed to the health and safety of our people and those with whom we work. Ensuring our facilities are designed and operated with this in mind is a principle that is important to us. Everyone who touches our business — employee, contractor, service provider — must go home safely. That’s just what we do.


We will lead a clean energy future and strive to enhance the quality of life in communities and regions we serve.