1909 – 1919

When the province of Alberta was four years old, we began our journey with the planning and construction of the Horseshoe Falls Hydro Plant. Two years later, we flipped the switch and Calgary Power Company Ltd. was born.

That first dam was built by a crew of about 200 with picks, shovels and wheelbarrows. Our second dam, was commissioned in 1913 at Kananaskis Falls and was built by close to 500 workers.

At the time, streetcars were responsible for a significant share of Calgary’s electrical load. Residential power was just being introduced, and many homes were lit for the first time with electrical lamps because of Calgary Power.

Notable leaders from the company’s early years included W. Max Aitken, formally know as Lord Beaverbrook, and R.B. Bennett who went on to become Canada’s Prime Minister from 1930 to 1935.

Pictured is TransAlta’s Horseshoe falls hydro plant, circa 1911.