TransAlta’s Environmental Performance


In Alberta, it is relatively unknown that the coal is low sulfur, we control mercury and particulate matter, we have no air shed issues and, as of 2012, we have regulated greenhouse gas limits and timelines.

These regulations for coal plants put Canada ahead of all other jurisdictions in meeting world greenhouse gas standards; standards that no other country in the world has signed up for.


TransAlta’s operating practices are rigorous and comprehensive. We continually meet or exceed the environmental standards established by the federal and provincial governments.

We actively participate as members of both the Clean Air Strategic Alliance and the West Central Air Shed Society of Alberta (WCAS), an example of our commitment to ensuring we consistently achieve the highest environmental standards when operating our coal-fired power plants.

With over $1 billion dollars invested in emissions control technologies in our assets and the expertise within our team, TransAlta operates one of the cleanest coal fleets in North America.