Providing wholesale energy solutions to large industrial customers, TransAlta operates in three markets – Australia, Canada and the United States – offering a diverse set of fuels, meeting the needs of our customers. In the United States, TransAlta actively services the entire western interconnection (WECC) and Mid-C energy markets. Backed by our physical assets and global […]

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TransAlta began operations in the United States in 2000, with the purchase of the Centralia Facility in Washington state. Today, we have a global team of technical experts committed to operational excellence and the production of clean and affordable energy. With diversified operations that include Energy Marketing and power generation in the U.S. across 3 fuel […]

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Centralia, Washington

Take a behind the scenes look at what our employees are doing to ensure that turning on a light switch at home or work across Washington state gets the same result, every time. Centralia’s plant is Washington state’s largest baseload power source providing reliability and stability to the electrical grid.  The plant has a net capacity […]

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The signing of the TransAlta Energy Transition Bill in early 2011 represents significant collaboration among policymakers, environmentalist, labor leaders and TransAlta USA around the common goal of reducing emissions from energy production without unduly disrupting the local economy. Through all sides listening to each other’s concerns and setting realistic expectations, an agreement was established that works […]

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