Action on Climate Change

We understand the risk and we’re adapting to meet the challenge

We’re acutely aware of the risks of climate change.


Climate Change and Governance

Our Governance and Environment Board Committee meets quarterly to identify and review climate change risk and opportunities.


Carbon Pricing

We currently pay $20 per tonne of CO2 in Alberta as per local regulation. In other jurisdictions where there is less clarity, we apply scenario analysis to an effective carbon price to guide decisions.

Clean power growth strategy… we are the leading wind energy producer in Canada and growing.

Commitment to reduce 19,700,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions as part of our coal transition by 2030… that’s the equivalent of 4.6 million cars off the road.

Powering over 430,000 homes with renewable energy. That’s the same size as Calgary, Alberta.

Canadian Leader in Climate Change Disclosure

TransAlta is the only power generation company in the CDP Top 20 of Canada’s Climate Disclosure Leadership Index. Learn more:

  2015 CDP Report


Reporting our impact on the environment is how we do business.

Learn about our 2015 Annual Integrated Report